Air Conditioning Services in Boca Raton

A.G. Air Conditioning Inc. is Boca Raton’s trusted HVAC specialist. We are licensed and experienced technicians with many years of practice in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Our company was founded with the belief that everyone deserves access to high-quality air in their homes and places of work. We also believe that a job well done can always be accommodated to everyone’s budget, and that is why we are proud to always offer the best quality service at competitive pricing.

At A.G. Air Conditioning Inc., we know that choosing the right air conditioner unit can be an overwhelming and confusing ordeal. That is why we make it easy for you by putting you in contact with one of our friendly HVAC experts the moment you call us on the phone or come into our Boca Raton headquarters. We are passionate about informing all of our customers with the latest air conditioning unit market trends and options so as to empower them to make the best choice possible for their needs and budget.

If you already have an existing air conditioning unit in your home or place of work, we are able to inspect and service it if needed to ensure you get the most out of it in the summer months. There is nothing worse than realizing your faulty air conditioning unit is draining all of your electricity and not even performing to its full potential. To help you get the most out of your air conditioning unit, it is helpful to keep these tips and tricks in mind when preparing for summer months in your home or business:

Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Boca Raton Air Conditioner

  1. Ensure Your Air Conditioner Make and Model is Suitable to the Size of Your Space.
  2. It’s unfortunate that so many people overlook this simple tip to ensure they get the most out of their unit. The manufacturer will state on the make and model exactly what type heat to space ratio the specific model is ideal for. This is why it is essential to have a professional such as A.G. Air Conditioning Inc. install your A/C unit so they can perform the necessary checks in order to save you costly troubles down the line. Our job is to inspect the details so that your air conditioning unit is working at its optimum efficiency and providing you with the comfort and dependability that you pay for.

  3. Be Consistent With Your Usage.
  4. Turning your A/C unit on and off is a waste of energy and not the most efficient way to put your unit to use. Instead, consider leaving it on a lower setting longer and using the fan feature to evenly distribute the air in your home.

  5. Take Preventative Measures.

It’s important to consistently check that all the parts and pieces of your A/C unit are in good working order. A qualified professional such as A.G. Air Conditioning Inc. will be able to accurately diagnose any problems with your unit to save you time and trouble.